Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Victoria's Secret Box Video

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Hopefully this video will answer some of the questions I have received about this box.  If anyone still needs help, just let me know!
I also added the svg file to the post below.


Love That Bug said...

I love this box, it is to cute! How do you figure out how to make these? Are there tutorials some where?

Denise Hill said...

I just took the vs box apart and used it for a guide. Start with an easy box, and just keep working at it!

Love That Bug said...

That makes sense. I think I need to go to some stores and get some boxes :)
Thanks again for the great video and file

Christine said...

Great tutorial Denise but I can't see the cut file below the please, am i missing it.

Denise Hill said...

I t isn't in this post, its in the post below this one. Right under the 1st box picture, under the scal file

bevb said...

How cute is this box. Love it but do not have SCAL.

Ladybug said...

Denise, thank you soooooooo much for this wonderful video tut. I was really stumped over the "Place Image" thingie. Now, I know what it all means!!! TFS!!! :-)

cheryl said...

Oh denise, thank you so much for the tutortial. I tried making the ornament box and couldn't figure out how to fold the top of the box. This one will be much easier. Thank you again. I am so tickeled pink that I found your site.:)

cheryl said...

Hi Denise,

May I ask a question, I just tried making your VS box and I have MTC. On MTC I noticed when I separated the layers there were two defaults default 1 and default and when I went to cut the box out it cut one of my flaps off. Should I have turned off one of the defaults? Thanks for the great ideas you have and share with everyone.

Denise Hill said...

Hi Cheryl.
I am a scal user an I'm afraid I know nothing about mtc. I wish I could help. I guess you can try the default thing. Can you turn off one of the defaults and then preview the cut to see if it made a difference? The only other thing I can suggest is find an mtc user to ask.
Sorry I wasn't able to help. Good luck!

Lisa said...

Hi Denise,

I just love this box and have made some for my son to give to his teachers for Valentines Day. I have posted pictures on my blog if you would like to see the finished product. Thanks so much for sharing all of your wonderful work!


Diane Ridpath said...

I love this box but the link for the SVG file just keeps bringing me back to the page with the videos.

Denise Hill said...

Did I email you the file? I thought I did, but maybe I tired to semd it to this comment-lol111
Let me know if you still need it.