Friday, August 14, 2009

50 Sucks bouquet

My take on the ever popular "sucks" bouquet! It was a hit and a lot of fun to make!


Alli said...

Denise this is adorable? May i ask what you stuck the suckers into? Did you get instructions from somewhere or did you improvise? I'd love to make one, just need a couple of pointers! Thanks!

PS. I love your whole blog!

Denise Hill said...

The base is a coffee can. I put a few rocks in it for weight, and stuck a styrofoam ball on the top to hold the suckers. I wrapped colored tissue paper around the ball first. I also tied curling ribbon around my suckers before I stuck them in to help "fill". Ask if you have any more questions!

Alli said...

Thanks so much Denise, I made one last weekend and it was a hit! Thanks for the inspiration :)