Friday, August 6, 2010

CD Envelopes

     I needed cd envelopes for some picture cd's I made for 3 of my friends.  In July the 4 of us flew from western NY to Denver, then spent a few days in Colorado Springs.  We had an absolute blast!!!!  It was our first "girls get-a-way".  It wont be our last!
    We flew standby and all went well on the way out.  On the way home however, we got stuck in Baltimore.  The 3 remaining flights to Buffalo were all over booked and there were 25 people on the standby list.  Long story short, we ended up getting a rental car and hitching a ride home with a fireman from Phoenix, AZ!!!!!  (He was trying to get to a funeral)  The long version is quite a story, believe me!

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zwin78 said...

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