Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gable Box video

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I've had a few requests for an assembly video, so here you go!



Lisa B said...

Thanks for taking the time sharing your talent and showing how it is done. It was extremely bad that I just realized that this wasn't done in DS!! Love the box though!

MikesDork said...

Thanks Denise! Great video... I did scor mine in the wrong place, I will cut a new one out and try again!

mash723 said...

Thank you for this Denise. I agree with you...they are soooo cute! I just downloaded MTC. Will this file work in there? Also, I'm curious about your digital paper. How does that work? Do you just print it out on your home printer on regular paper? Or do you buy cardstock? TFS!!

Denise Hill said...

MTC should work with the svg file, although I don't know anything about that program. I print my digital paper on cardstock with my inkjet printer. I use the georgia pacific 8 1/2 x 11 paper from the walmart office section for most of it. has a lot of free digital downloads.