Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cricut Cake

I know, I said I wouldn't buy any more provocraft products, but when the cricut cake went down to $57,
 I could NOT pass it up-LOL!!!!!!!
I finally got a chance to play with it today, and am very pleased with my results.
 Looking forward to playing with it some more.

I made these from wilton gumpaste.  I rolled it very thin (less than 1/16") and placed my mat with the gumpaste on it in the freezer for about 20 minutes.  I got nice, clean cuts.

Dried the cut outs on tin foil

These were a wilton frosting sheet.  Not perfect, but I was cutting much smaller than they recommend.  Nice clean cuts with this right from the package.  No freezer.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish I had bought one now!! My sister bought one. These look great!!

Anonymous said...

I bought one too...can't wait to get it. Your flowers and snowflakes are beautiful! Your talents are amazing :-)

Anonymous said...

You did a great job with these flowers.They look so real.TFS

Anonymous said...

Oh, the poinsettias and snowflakes look terrific!

I'm glad you posted these and hope you show us more. I can use all of the tips you'd care to share.

I bought the mini Cake a few months ago but haven't tried it yet. Hope to before Christmas.

PJ(Jessie Adams)

Mrs B said...

your flowers are stunning! Which cartridge did you use?

Denise Hill said...

This wasn't from a cartridge. It was an svg file (free) from Penny Duncan. Scal works with the cricut cake :0)