Saturday, March 12, 2011


I finally purchased a few tumblers and had a chance to vinyl a few of them.
this is mine
for my mom

for my daughter's friends who had birthdays this week
totally scraplifted from Denise at the forum!
make shift wrapping lol!


mrs.pinkpearls said...

Cute! I love the brown bag wrapping!

Sandi said...

love the cups.. can't wait to make mines!!!

MikesDork said...

those are so cute.... where did you buy the tumblers at? Were they a good price? I am going to girls camp this year with church and would love to make some for my girls in my cabin

Sherry Thompson said...

Where did you put the vinyl? Is it on the outside or is it on the inside?

Denise Hill said...

I purchased the tumblers through a share at, but they were purchased from

The vinyl is on the outside of the tumblers. It is "outdoor"vinyl.(GT5)

Anonymous said...

So so cute!!! I still have not figured out how to layer the vinyl. Is it hard?