Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter/Spring Mirror

It is so difficult to photograph mirrors!!!
It was time to change the entryway mirror again.  I used clear contact paper and 2 different files from My Vinyl Designer.



Linda said...

So instead of using vinyl you use contact paper? doesn't it stick too good to the mat.

Anonymous said...

Yet another lovely display for your home.
PJ(Jessie Adams)

Amber said...

Have you tried putting up a dark sheet or blanket on the opposite wall so you can see your design better? Mirrors are a pain in the neck to to photograph, maybe that's why it's such a popular photo op for weddings. :)

Ldybg93 said...

Denise, what do you use as transfer tape with the clear Contact paper?

Denise Hill said...

I use clear choice medium tack transfer tape from hhsignsupply with all my vinly/contact paper projects.