Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Paper Bag Album

I saw Kathy Orta's video on paper bag albums and decided to give it a try.  I didn't have a premade album to use, so I decided to make my own.  There is a video at on making your own books, and I have always wanted to try it, so I combined the two!  I am very happy with how it turned out.  I just have the basic album together.  I haven't decided what I am using it for yet, so I don't want to embelish it.  I don't know whether to go with a baby theme, girly theme...  Any suggestions?  I'm looking for ideas!!!!!



...Tara... said...

this is so cute :) When i first saw it i thought of a baby theme for it, it really could go either way gender wise but i would prob go more towards a boy one. HTH :)

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

It turned out beautiful, I love the colors you chose! It will be interesting to see how you embelish as you make such pretty things. I haven't had the time to watch her video yet, but it looks like its a must do.

Anonymous said...

Love it!
I vote for a baby boy's album. The paper colors are perfect for this.
Images from New Arrival and some from Everyday Paper Dolls would look so nice.
I'm sure this will be another terrific creation, so keep us posted!

PJ (Jessie Adams)

Kristina said...

Great album Denise. I don't have any suggestions for how you can use it. But I'm sure whatever you do will look awesome ae well.

Anonymous said...

Great colors! Did you print these papers too? I went to the website but I am not sure that I found the right video, could you give me the name of the video?TIA!

Denise Hill said...

I did print the papers.
The viseo was called "making the grade book" on srapbooklounge at

Anonymous said...

Denise, I would love to make this book. watched the video and think it is great. But, I have no idea about the size. could you give me the measurements? I would love to make one for my dil's baby shower. Any help would be great.
thanks Suez
ps. your site is great!