Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Left over Christmas project

Like I said before, I forgot to take pictures of most of my Christmas gifts.  I was going through Christmas pictures yesterday, and came across this lonely photo!  It's nothing fancy, as I was running out of time.  I always bake cookies for my husbands uncle-it became a tradition many years ago.  It was fun to use the ever popular cookie tower & carrier to package them.


Unknown said...

Denise - your containers are absolutely adorable. Thank you for sharing your talents!! Any time i make a container it is too small. Yours are beautiful!!

The Archiving Angel said...

Hi Denise- love your boxes.
Your projects are always so nice.
I am a follower of your blog & encourage people to come over to see what goodies you have to inspire us.
Hope you can follow my blog at:
Us New Yorkers have to stick together!