Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All hearts come home file has been removed

I just received notification from 4shared that this file is breaking their terms of use policy and contains illegal information.  Apparently the file is from simply said llc, and they have filed a complaint.  I want to apologize to them-I had no idea it was their file.  I got it from someone else, and when they received too many e-mail requests they asked me to post a link.  I would not have done it had I known there were copyright issues.  Once again, I apologize to all involved.


Anonymous said...

What is up with all this copyright crap?! I checked out the Simply Said Catalog and it is in their catalog, not for sale as a file, but as a vinyl design that can be purchased ready to apply.

Today I found a link to another website, E.A.D. Designs and they have the same file for sale as a ready to apply design as well!!!!!

So, WHO REALLY owns the rights to this file? If companies are stealing these files from each other then why can't we SHARE them? It's not like we are making money off them like these companies!!!

Personally I don't think you were doing anything wrong.

Denise Hill said...

I'm with you-well said!!!!!!