Friday, November 6, 2009

Thanksgiving Invites

These are my invitations for Thanksgiving dinner.  We are NOT the kind of family that uses formal invites for anything.  Usually an e-mail or phone call is it.  However, this year my mother has been pestering me constantly about dinner, SO, this is my smart-aleck response!!  My mom and 2 brothers and their families, will be receiving this in the mail.  They will all get a big kick out of it.  It was fun for me, anyway!
download link-the file uses PS & GB



Nubian Crafter said...

Wonderful invites... TFS

Anonymous said...

OH..these are fantastic!!! TFS!!! You are soooo talented! Love your videos too, are originally from the mid west, I have noticed a bit of the accent when you talk..(I was born in Minnesota, and although I grew up in WA state, I still have that "ya sure ya betcha" from my parents :)).

Again, thank you so much for sharing your files and your talent!