Friday, October 30, 2009

Photo Tiles

These are photo tiles I did for each of the girls in the band flute section.  I had a hard time keeping the ink from bleeding.  I tried every suggestion I got!  No matter what I did, if I put mod podge on top of the photo, the colors would bleed.  What I finally did was use mod podge to apply the photo to the tile (printed on tissue paper) and then just used several coats of acrylic sealer on top.  I also coated the tissue paper photos with a light coat of sealer, BEFORE I adhered them to the tile.   The first few I did had a lot of wrinkles in them, but I got better as I went along.  These were smooth ceramic tiles I had.  I think it might have worked better with stone tiles too.  It was definitely a learning experience!!!! 


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flowerdisco said...

Our last competition was yesterday and the last game will be this Friday. I can't believe is over. We have one more year tough. Nice pic!