Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Double Slider Album-slider fix and tips

I couple people have e-mailed about problems with the slider panel.  I've been trying a few things to make it work smoother, and here is what I have come up with.

Heavy cardstock works best.  The thinner the cardstock, the more issiues I have  noticed.  To solve the problem, I have added a chipboard support strip. (cereal box!!)  See Picture.  You may even want to go 4" wide with it.

Then center your plastic strip over this, following video instructions.  Make sure you adhere your plastic strip on the bottom edge, this is important!  You don't want the overlap piece to have to travel over the edge of the paper.  With the chipboard support, I was able to use a strip of page protector instead of plastic bag, and it worked.

I alos recommend putting a rbbon pull at the top and bottom of each slider panel to aid in opening and closing.  It makes it much easier to open and close.  Also keep your slide out panels simple, so there aren't embellishments to snag as it opens and closes.
Hope this helps!!!!!

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