Sunday, September 27, 2009

SCAL bread Box file

I've added a scal file for the bread box for those of you who asked.  It's in the original post.


Mrs B said...

Thank you so much! I just cut mine out and I just love it!!!!

Judi said...

I see SCAL all the time and did a google search and see it's a software program. I assume you need that to use with your scal downloads. Also, do you have to have design software to use it? Thanks

Denise Hill said...

Scal (sure cuts a lot) is a software program by craftedge. It works with your cricut. It allows you to cut truetype fonts from your computer, plus svg files. Yes, you do need it to use my scal files. It is a great program!!!! I don't believe you need design studio, you just need to have a cartridge in your cricut machine. (any one will do) Hope this helps!!!