Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Octogon box-file link added

I don't know why I am suddenly designing boxes!  I guess it's because the group feature in scal 2 makes it so much easier.  This didn't turn out as nicely as I pictured it in my mind, but thought I would post it anyway.  I made it without a lid first, thinking I wanted it to look like a bushel basket.  That's why I inked the edges.  Then I decided it needed a lid, and I was to lazy to make another bottom, so I just used the inked one.  The file works fine though.  It's just my touches that need to be cleaned up!  I can post the file if anyone is interested.

Here is the link to download the file:

If you have any assembly questions, please feel free to ask!


Anonymous said...

I love this box and would very much like to have the svg file to cut it.

Denise Hill said...

I've added the download link for the file.

Melinda Ford said...

That turned out so cute! Glad to see someone else designing boxes to share!!! Thanks for this one!

Cheri said...

Love the box! Thank you!

happy2scrap56 said...

Denise this is so cute, had trouble with the top, its bigger and doesn;t fit. Tried to make it smaller and messed up. How can I get it to fit correctly.