Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Life has been busy!!!! Good busy, but busy! As is evident by my lack of posting since the arrival of my grandson in 2013 :). And he is the light of my life! Now to add to the excitement, my son and daughter-in-law are expecting again, and it's TWINS!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it? Twin boys!!! We are soooooo blessed!!!!!!!
My daughter-in-law has started a blog about her pregnancy, if you care to follow along.





Lenoria said...

Congratulations!! Your little grandson is so cute and I know you are all excited about him becoming a big brother! I have a 9 month old great grandson and I don't get much of anything else done except babysit him and I love that job! Aren't these little blessings from God so sweet (mostly) and snuggly?

Denise Hill said...

They sure are!!!! Funny how your priorities change once they arrive :)