Friday, May 18, 2012

Baby Shower

My friend and I hosted a baby shower last night for a woman from our church.  It was a lot of fun.  I tried some new ideas, and they turned out well.  Lots of pictures!
The invitation

We put this by the driveway.  It is a very long driveway that looks like a dirt road.
We wanted to make sure people found it!

Brownie Pops! YUM!
My wonderful Hubby made the pop holder for me.
 The ribbon is removable so you can change it to match the occas

I made the circle streamers, a 1st for me.  I LOVE them.  The movement and shadows looks great!

I will definitely be making lots more of these

The gift table.  I just love this whole set up.
My Lynx is what made this all possible.  My cricut could have never done all of this.

The feet are tiny.  Just about 1/2" long.  My Lynx even cut the tiny toes!

My friend made the pretzel favors.  Too cute!  (and delicious!)    I made the tags.

Love the dimension of the garlands

The card

Our gift didn't arrive in time (been 10 days since I ordered-argh!)
So I made a pop up card with a picture of the gift


Sheena said...

WOW!! What an awesome baby shower. I love the streamers you fun. I got some great ideas for when the day when I need to have a baby shower of my own :) Thanks for sharing!

Hugs, Sheena

Anonymous said...

OMG Denise...I absolutely LOVE all of this amazing detail....the inside of the card is GORGEOUS!!!!! You make me want to go home and play!!!!!

Beth F. said...

Totally amazing! I cannot believe all the work you went through to make such a grand occasion. I'm sure the mom was blown away. I can't get over the tiny toes on the feet that your lynx cut or the pretzels with the baby feet that your frind made. Too cute for words :)

Shelly Watson said...

Wow, you really went over the top - looks great! By the way is this your home - is that a tree in your kitchen counter??? love that can we see close-up photo?

Denise Hill said...

It's not my home. It is my fiends lake house. It is an awesome home to be sure. We hold a lot of events there. It is a tree in the island, though not a living one...

photo baby shower invitations said...

Very pretty cards!