Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fast & Easy Super Bowl Party Invitations

We have a party every year. This year I'm not too excited about the Bowl, as I don't care for either team, so I decided on quick and easy invitations. I ended up really liking them. Maybe a lesson to be learned here???? :lol: 

I cut the top layer of the football in brown (svg file) using my cricut and scal 2
Ran them through my cuttlebug with a fiskars "leather" texture plate
cut 2 white solid football shapes for each invitation.
Adhered the brown football to 1 white football
Did my text in print shop, sizing it to fit within my football shape.
Printed 2 on a sheet of cardstock.
Held that piece up to the light, and centered the white football shapes over the text and taped across the top edge with painters tape.
Ran it back through my printer to get the text onto the shapes.
Used a white brad to fasten the 2 pieces together.