Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Miami Dolphins shirt

I made this at the request of my friend's son. He is going to the game Sunday, here in Buffalo NY. This is all he plans to wear on his upper body, LOL!!!!

This file gave me fits. I found a free svg online, but couldn't get it to work right as it was. After way too long of fiddling with it, I cut it and it seemed to fit ok. As I ironed on each layer, they no longer lined up. I think it may because of the ribbing in the shirt. I think it changed the vinyl shape as it conformed to the fabric...argh!!! I had to cut the blue pieces by the tail and fudge it. He wont care, it isnt even a new shirt, but it bugs me. 


lovemypaper said...

Super cute he will love it!

karenb said...

It came out GREAT!!! The tail part looks perfect!!! I'm sure he will love it!!!

Thanks for sharing!!! I always enjoy seeing all the things you make. You are so CREATIVE!!!