Monday, May 9, 2011

Baby Shower projects

Here a re a couple of projects from Saturday's baby shower.
The fruit centerpiece came out great!  I was really worried about it.  It was the first time attempting it, and we didn't have very detailed instructions.

The sock bouquet was a first  too!


Angie - Big Bears Wife said...

that sock bouquet looks perfect

Wendy said...

Wow, that fruit tower is fabulous! How long did it take you to make it? And HOW did you make it?!

Denise Hill said...

The fruit tower didn't take that long, surprisingly!!! The base is stacked 10" and 6" styrofoam cake rounds covered in foil and secured with dowels. You attach the grape clusters wit floral pins. we also used toothpicks to secure some of the other fruit. the rest is just piled on. It was a huge success!

karenb said...

The Fruit Tower is AMAZING!!! Please share the "WRITTEN" directions.

The Baby Sock Bouquet is Darling!!!
How long did it take to make? You are AMAZING!!! How do you find the time to do all these projects???

Judith said...

Love the fruit tower and the sock bouquet. You are soooooooo talented. Could you share the how to for the sock bouquet?