Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day gift from Hubby

Instead of flowers, I got these!!!!!!!!!  I just love them, and they will last forever:0)
My sweet husband also set me up with a dual screen for my laptop.  Now I can be working on one screen and chatting or surfing the web on the other. (He is an enabler lol) Ain't technology grand???!!!!


Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Wonderful husband....I love those kind of gifts too rather than flowers unless it is something that can be planted and enjoyed for years. Hummm...I will have to get my husband to look into the dual screens.

Denise Hill said...

He is a wonderful husband:0)
For the dual screen he just plugged a spare monitor into my laptop. Now I can just drag an open program to the extra screen. It is really cool. I love it!!!!

Lorie said...

That is pretty neat! Dual screen...never thought of that! I got flowers as I do love them but I insist that he get them from one of our local supermarkets...they last longer and are less expensive then a floral store. You should see them...they are beautiful!

Denise Hill said...

I usually get flowers too, and I admit I love them!!! This year though I am trying to complete my craft room, so I opted for a more practical gift:0)

Eva - Ideal Accents Designs said...

nice, I would love to get that as a gift, but I would love your craft room too :)
can you send your hubby my way too ;)

Stacy said...

You have married a great man. I love the baskets.
I am liking the dual screen thing, I may have to show my hubby this post.
I got a cartridge, I know not very romantic, but that is what I wanted

Vicky said...

AWESOME hubby, I would rather have that kind of stuff than flowers, you can look at them forever!!