Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Glitter Ornaments

Here are a few more glitter ornaments.  Just a note-I discovered my roll of painters tape hold the ornament great for applying vinyl!!!!



Summite said...

I love those ornement. I was wandering if you put the glitter in or are they already with glitter and you write on it.

Denise Hill said...

These start as clear glass ornaments. You pour future floor polish inside, rotate the ornament to coat the inside and pour out the floor polish. Then pour in some fine glitter, cover the opening, and shake. The glitter will stick to the floor polish! Then tap out the excess glitter. I then used vinyl cut with my cricut to decorate them. There are many videos available on making the ornaments.

Melissa said...

They look fantastic Denise! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Cocoa said...

Love these! I haven't really been interested in using vinyl until I saw these. Do you use an adhesive of some sort to keep the vinyl on or does it "cling" on its own? Just found your blog today and have to say - I love it. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Denise Hill said...

The vinyl already has adhesive on it. The white is just contact paper:0)

Anonymous said...

Great ornaments, Denise.
Didn't have time to make any this holiday, but sure will for 2011.
Thanks for sharing yours.
Happy Holidays!

PJ(Jessie Adams)