Monday, October 25, 2010

Name Frame

Here is the frame I mentioned last week in the post about removing glass that is hot glued in.  I do not recommend trying it!!!!  It is there to stay.  I used Times New Roman for the last name, and Tabitha for the first names.

This is the first one I made, (below)the one I tried to take apart.  I thought the name was too small, and I centered the name and est. as one object.  I wasn't satisfied with how it looked.  I re-did it and made Hill larger and centered that, and just put est. in the empty space below.

This is how the frame looks with the hot glue holding the frame in.  A mess, I know!!!!  I cover the glue with ribbon if it is a gift.  I won't be putting a continuous bead of glue anymore either.  After this experience, I will just put globs in the four corners, and maybe in the center of each edge.

Here I managed to remove a small section of the glue.  It was no easy task!  The hot glue holds very securely!!!!


Carolina Girl (Cely) said... came out looking beautiful and I'm glad you didn't cut yourself...I do stained glass and as careful as I am, I have bandaids on my work desk....haha

Amy Chomas said...

Awesome!!! I might have to try something like that!

Ms. G said...

I am curious. Did you use a cricut with vinyl to make this frame? If not, will you provide a few more details to your instructions. I love the frame and might like to try one on my own.

Denise Hill said...

I did use a cricut and vinyl. Ialso used scal 2 for the fonts.

Stacy said...

I love this frame. I may have to make one my house now.

Unknown said...

Are your letters on the top of the glass, or underneath?

Denise Hill said...

There are 2 pieces of glass. The letters are on top of the first piece, with a second piece of glass on top of that, so the letters are in between the 2 pieces of glass.

Kelsey said...

i know this is 2 monthes later than you rpost but did you try using rubbing alcohol to remove the hot glue?

Denise Hill said...

I hadn't heard that rubbing alcohol would remove the hot glue-I will give it a try!!!!!! Thanks