Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vinyl Frame

sorry for the glare!
I saw a picture of this posted on the cricut message board.  It was perfect for a friend of mine so I went looking for a file.  I searched all of the vinyl websites I am familiar with, but couldn't find a boot I like.  So I took the picture from the message board and attempted to convert it in inkscape.  I am a novice inkscape user, though, and didn't get the result I wanted. A BIG THANK YOU to Mary (Mardenz on the mb)-in a matter of minutes she had a great file for me.  Thank you Mary!!!!!!  If you are not familiar with her blog (  you need to check it out.  She does fabulous work and very generously shares her files


Julie said...

That is awesome! Don't you love how the crafting community is so generous!

Great job!

cal8007 said...

Thanks for sharing! If you want another boot file, go to, their latest free file is a boot - but then again, you don't need it any more LOL

Your project turned out great BTW!

Carmen L

Amber said...

She is wonderful!! She has great Character files as well! Love this idea, would also be great to use Hats or Coats for the entry of a home. TFS!

Teri said...

I love this project! I just discovered your blog yesterday and I am so impressed. Anyways, I was wondering if you would be willing to share your scut file or svgs? I am very new to the Cricut and SCAL. This would be perfect for my daughter who just moved to Montana, but it looks like it's beyond my skill level to plan and execute. Thanks for inspiring me with you talent!

Denise Hill said...

I would be happy to share the file. Just send me your e-mail and i will send it to you. It is a very easy project-you can do it!!!

Teri said...

Thanks Denise, here is my email address:
Thanks again! My daughter is coming home next weekend and I am hoping to put this is a care package to send back with her.