Thursday, June 10, 2010

Creative Inspirations Paints

Our challenge this week was to use the paint on acrylic or acetate.  I found this challenging since I cannot freehand paint anything!  I ended up stamping my image on the acrylic frame and heat embossed it. Then I just filled in my image with the paint.
My daughter, who graduates in a couple of weeks, had an end of the

year AP Biology project. Each year the members of the class pick a bird and do

a large project on it. When they are done they line the main hallway of the

high school with booths and invite the students from all grades to walk though

their exhibits. Of course my daughter had to pick and ostrich, AND she HAD to

make it life sized!!!!! So we have been doing this for the past few days, along

with my son's wedding which was Saturday. It has been crazy. I posted it

because she did use the paints, and they were on a clear surface. I just wanted

to show that there are many uses for the paints!!! The ostrich eyes are small,

clear vanity light bulbs. She painted them with chocolate and black onyx, and

covered them with crystal effects. They really came out great, as did the rest

of the 6ft bird!!!



Unknown said...

omg! The ostrich came out so fantastic! I bet she blew everyone away... though I am imaging taking it to school in the back of my convertible because we don't have any other car rofl - ostrich is huge!

Kim @
party inspiration

Myra said...

The frame looks great and the bird is awesome!

Kraftychick said...

AND you have talented children as well! What more could you ask? A 6' ostrich? Where do you store something like that? LOL!!


Denise Hill said...

Where DO you store a 6ft ostrich?????? I have no idea. Her bedroom? She goes to college in August, maybe she can take it!!!!

Jessica Wekenman said...

OMG! I really though that ostrich was real! I had to read before I realized it was made! Great job!

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...


Kassi said...

ok, so after reading your explanation last night of why you were sharing a full size ostrich, it starred in one of my dreams last night. LOL! I love it!

JustYolie said...

W*O*W!!! Awesome and super creative daughter! Just wondering, will the school keep the bird?

Gerrie Johnnic said...

The frame turned out great, but BIG BIRD is to die for! OMG, you must be super MOM!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Wow- the ostrich is such a fantastic project!!! I love your great idea with the eyeballs too. It is truly a one of a kind!

~ Kendra ~ said...

Wow...6' ostrich?!?! Great job, looks so real!! Love your frame! Neat idea!