Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

"Christ the Lord is risen today"!!!!!!

Our challenge at Glue, Scissors, Paper this week was to decorate real eggs using paint or glitter, but no dye. 
I used creative inspirations shimmer paints on my eggs. Unfortunately, I have no artistic ability.
Hence the stamps and polka dots! It was fun though!!!



Kyla Makay said...

gorgeous. :) And I am so happy! THE LORD, THE MESSIAH, Jesus CHRIST! Has RIsEN TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D The tomb is empty and He lives. :)

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Thanks. :)

-Makay (Your fellow sister in Christ.) :)

cricaholic said...

YEP!!! Those are A LOT PRETTIER than dyed eggs!!

Anonymous said...

Nicely done.
Pretty colors.
Hope you enjoyed your Easter!

PJ(Jessie Adams)