Friday, March 12, 2010

Bridal Shower

     Hi everyone!  I miss having projects to post-I've just been soooooo busy.  I do have a project for Weddings with the Cricut, but it won't be posting until Friday, I believe.
     My son's fiance is home from college this week, so we have been working on wedding plans.  We finally nailed down the invitation and the favor, now we just have the centerpiece to finalize.
     Her first shower was this past Sunday.  We had 60 people, and she got a ton of beautiful things.  It is so exciting watching them plan their life together! 
     Here are a few pictures from the shower. I don't do cakes, and this was my first experience with fondant! It went well though, and I was pleased with the cake. We didn't use any cricut for the shower though, which made me sad!



Emily S said...

Absolutely beautiful Denise!

EAS Creations said...

I have chosen you for a Beautiful Blogger Award! i couldn't find your email address on your blog so I am leaving you a note here. You can pick up your award on my blog at I LOVE your tutorials!!!

JustYolie said...

The cake is so pretty!! And those cupcakes...Yummy!

Kristina said...

Beautiful! if I weren't already married I'd have you plan my bridal shower for me :) It all looks fabulous.