Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Tiles

I did more of this tile.  I love the 6 x 6,  but it was a pain to weed!!!  I posted these because I wanted to show how I finished them.  I cut thin strips of vinyl to wrap the edges, applied adhesive cork to the backs, and used shank buttons to string the ribbon.  Click for closer view

The download is no longer available from me.  I didn't know it was a copyrighted file.  It is available from simply said llc.


Taffy said...

those are beautiful! (most things that require more work end up the prettiest)

great job! :)

LorraineB said...

Denise, Those are beautiful! I like the little one. It would look great on an easel.

Evan's Eclipse said...

I just found your blog today and I am really admiring the things you have done! Can you tell me more about how you "hang" the tiles? Are the buttons in the front attached to the ribbon in the back? How did you drill the holes? Thanks!

Denise Hill said...

My husband drilled hoes in the front of the tile with a "tile bit" avaiable at Home Depot. He lays the tile on an old towel to cushion it, puts tape over the spot he is going to drill, and goes slow and steady. If you push too hard the tile will break! Then I thread ribbon from back to front, slip on a shank button, and thread the ribbon back through the hole.